Estate Management

As one ages, the likelihood grows where managing financial assets accumulated over a lifetime becomes difficult or impossible.  The inability to manage one’s assets, if severe, can lead to a mental and medical definition of “incapacity” where a Guardian and Conservator are required.  The guardian will work with the mental and physical challenges that incapacity brings and, Tresco will act as Conservator to marshal and safeguard the financial assets. Boise conservatorship services also include paying bills, filing tax returns, buying & selling property, researching titled property, filing of inventories and accounting with the courts. Assets can include bank accounts, brokerage & retirement accounts, real estate, automobiles, airplanes, farm equipment, boats, and various amounts of personal property.

Tresco can act as a court appointed Conservator for adults or minors, in various stages of incapacity, when the need arises.  Attorneys, Doctors, family members or the court will be involved in the Guardianship and Conservatorship (G&C) process.  If sufficient medical and mental evidence exists in the eyes of the court, a formal hearing will be set for the review and approval of the G&C recommendation.   Once a person has been deemed incapacitated the Guardian and Conservator now have responsibility for the care and well being of the individual and their assets, respectively.  The individual would now be considered a protected person in the eyes of society.  

In protecting someone’s assets, Tresco acts in a prudent manner and attempts to manage the property in the same way the protected person would.   It is our intent to try and act as the protected person would, making decisions in their best interest. Ideally, their life and lifestyle will look similar to how it was when they had the ability to choose. Being declared incapacitated is never an easy thing to face, either for the individual or the interested family.  Tresco works with the individual and the family to make the process as smooth as possible.  We take the worry over managing assets and possessions so families can concentrate on the care and love of their family member.  With the financial management burden being handled independently, family and the individual can be secure knowing that their assets are being managed and monitored by the courts.