Consulting is a broad activity in the business world and the area of Professional Fiduciary Services is no different.  Tresco of Idaho (Tresco) has consulted for several large banks in Boise, many attorneys, and individuals in their efforts to resolve estate plan problems.  The topics are always financial, but cover categories such as real estate sales, personal property management, stock and bond ownership, tax research, mineral interest ownership and sale, vehicle or airplane disposal, and probate estate auctions.  Many of these topics we also provide in our formal fiduciary role, but there are times when businesses and individuals want to maintain control and strictly have Tresco offer guidance.

Tresco defines consulting simply as guidance.  We do not take the formal role in the project, but rather give our insight into the situation and provide help from our years of experience.  In this way, one or more Tresco employees will act as the consultant and will provide support and information to assist in the marshaling, safeguarding, and distribution of assets.  Generally there is an agreement signed with the business or individual that outlines the scope of work, the form of the project, and the anticipated end result.  There is usually a time binder as well, but most consulting projects are time intensive and difficult to determine the duration of the project at the beginning.

A current consulting project Tresco is working on involves an elderly woman who has become the beneficiary of several estate and retirement plans over the last twenty years but has not kept up with the work of changing ownership to her.  She asked Tresco to become involved in helping to research several brokerage accounts, annuities, IRA accounts, stock and bond certificates, and a few real estate parcels for current value and contact information.  Her goal for us is very simple; find current information and values for all the assets and produce a summarized report that can be use to start the ownership changes.  With the extensive background in research and experience that Tresco has, we’ve been able to make a very frustrating and convoluted process simple for her.  There is more work to be done, but Tresco has provided her with the peace of mind she was looking for and to her that’s priceless.

Consulting is at the core of what Tresco was founded on in 2002: to provide a service to families who were having difficulty probating a loved one’s estate.  Wes Seideman, the founder of Tresco, started the company out of his home with a brief case, cell phone, and a file cabinet with the soul intent to help people and families through difficult times in life.  That compelling vision and skill-set strength of over 40 years in the industry has allowed Tresco to move forward from a strictly consulting agency, to the formal role of Fiduciary in hundreds of relationships.  At its core we are still consultants and we operate a consulting business.  We recognize that there are times when people simply need a bit of help or a course correction onto the right path.  Tresco brings years of experience to any fiduciary situation and provides valuable guidance to resolve problems.  At times, when the consulting project has finished, some clients decide to work with Tresco in the more formal role by having us complete the remaining activity and bring the project to a close.  Tresco is very flexible in our ability to help; we can take an active or passive role to accomplish needed tasks.