Asset management includes both personal property and financial assets.Personal property and vehicles are distributed, stored or sold according to the estate plan or family wishes. Arrangements can be made to clear out household items and hold an estate sale.
Fiduciary relationships have been established with a number of investment firms and banks to manage financial assets. Our aim is to maintain investment relationships established by the client wherever possible.
Real Estate Management:

Staff members and outside resources are utilized to manage real estate, both occupied and vacant. Lawn care and winter snow removal are arranged. Insurance and property taxes are addressed. Real estate professionals are contracted for appraisals and marketing.
Bill Paying:

Individual bank accounts are established for each client and bills are paid weekly, using a computerized check writing system. This facilitates accurate record keeping for reports, accounting and income tax reporting.

This activity can range from helping to identify an estate plan, to helping family members carry out their responsibilities as a Conservator, Personal Representative or Trustee.
Expert Witness:

Experienced staff members have served as expert witnesses in court cases involving estates, conservatorships and trusts.
Forensic Audit:

Tresco has provided a complete financial audit of trust activity, probate activity or conservatorship activity.
Probate Administration:

Tresco provides full service administration from gathering assets, arranging for appraisals, preparing an inventory of the estate, dealing with creditor claims and paying on-going expenses, to preparing a final accounting and plan of distribution. Family members are consulted frequently during the probate process. The goal is to conclude the affairs of the estate in a timely and professional manner.

Tresco will contract with a court appointed estate administrator to handle all or part of the job of administration. This is particularly helpful if the administrator lives out of the area and there is real and personal property to manage.
Special Administrator:

In instances where there is no named Personal Representative for an estate, Tresco can serve as a special administrator to manage critical financial affairs for the estate until such time as the court appoints a Personal Representative.