Fiduciary Services

Asset management includes both personal property and financial assets.

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Estate Consulting

A guide that explains what to expect from trusted service partners.

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Probate Administration

The goal is to conclude the affairs of the estate in a timely and professional manner.

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A guide that explains what to expect from trusted service partners.

FREE Estate Manager Pro

Estate Manager PRO is an online estate management tool offering a secure, step-by-step guide that explains what to expect and how to get immediate support and advice from trusted service partners.

When do I need EstateManagerPRO?

The time to begin planning for your own passing or that of a loved one can start now. This comprehensive resource will walk you through all the steps, from how to reduce or avoid probate, to communication of wishes for dependents, art collections, and pets. You need EstateManagerPRO if you have experienced an unexpected loss or wish to plan now for the inevitable loss of a loved one or for yourself.

What can EstateManagerPRO do for me?
• Access to a complete roadmap of what to do and when
• Find pre-screened, trusted service advisors
• Access a forms library to help you organize your estate
• Assign specific access to a trusted advisor or family member

With EstateManagerPRO, no stone is left unturned. Lists are made and recorded; professional advisors needed to administer the complexities of estate administration are identified and documented. Funeral plans are created using helpful guidelines, and appropriate ways to pass on information are documented. This important tool is yet another way TrESCo of Idaho delivers service based on your personal priorities.